Introducing 'Nualgi'-- A Research Product- patented:


Growing Algae has the property to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen due to photosynthesis. There are several species of algae.

'Nualgi' is a research product that can grow diatom algae on almost any water substrate be it the sea,high saline water, fresh water,sewage water, effluent water etc.

Use of Nualgi replaces green and blue green algae with diatom algae and is soon converted to zooplankton forming live food for fishes.

 'Nualgi' can be used for the following purposes:

For growing phtoplankton in the seas to absorb global carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases thereby solving global warming problem.

For preventing growth of toxic algal species called 'RED TIDES' in the sea.

For generation of plankton and live food in aquaculture ponds to boost the growth of prawns and fishes.

For treating sewage,polluted and effluent waters by growing diatoms and reducing COD, BOD, COLOUR and bad ODOUR.

The Oxygen produced by growth of diatom algae helps bacteria degrade organic load into base nutrients.